Monday, July 13, 2009

praying for Uncle Jamie & watching our nieces

As we pray for Uncle Jamie in the hospital today as he asked the doctors to make him a little lighter, we have had a house full with Lakin, Jessa, Avery, Tyler, Baylee as well as our three children Emma, Abigail and Ryan. It has been a good thing and has been quite entertaining to say the least. They all have enjoyed swimming, playing dolls, breaking Uncle Todd's things as much as possible, squirting water in places they shouldn't, smearing ice cream on shirts, cutting their Barbies hair, and watching a little Dora all in one day! As things got a little settled later this afternoon, I looke dout our front window as our dog, Ozzie, and neighbors dog, Spike or "Sheppie" (according to Ryan), decided to mark their territory on my front lawn. All in all quite entertaining day!!

We just sat for a nice summer dinner that included one of Beth's best meals..."Tuna casserole salad" with lemonade and choclate ice cream cones for dessert!!

Even though we have been pretty busy today, we certaining have not lost sight of thinking and praying for Jamie in the hospital. God bless!!

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